reopening of the Beaver-Path Oct 27th. 2016

Invitation for the reopening of the Beaver-Path „Leinschlag“

The Leinschlag Beaver-Path awakes afresh

the opening marks the beginning of a new era. Therefore we are pleased to invite you on Thursday, October 27th, 2016 at 10:00 a.m. for the inauguration.

Meeting point: ST2166 between Axtheid-Berg and Freihung, parking lot „Biberweg/Beaver-Path“

On this day we will reopen the Leinschlag Beaver-Path for the public and all nature-lovers.
The Leinschlag biotope-association becomes „The diversity of the species“.

In month-long scientific work we have newly mapped, determined and photographed the inhabitants (animals and plants) of Leinschlag – a concerted action of the Bavarian State Forest Enterprise as client and DRAI-wissenschaftliche Synergien (DRAI-scientific synergies) as consigner.

As a result wonderful new information boards were designed in German and English as well as a flyer in both languages.

The information boards reflect the diversity and beauty of the species in this area.
At the center stands the observation tower near the „Leinschlag-Oak“ which invites the visitors to linger and to inform themselves.

The information path is 3,3 km (~2 mi) long and features a „cloud information board“ and many more boards with informations about (the) biological diversity.

For the first time aerial views of the two moor-lakes are shown, which are hidden from view by dense reed belts. Further photos from a bird's-eye view show why sea-eagle and fish-eagle feel comfortable here.

The diligent workers of the forest services Schnaittenbach built new catwalks, freed the path from abundantly growing reed and lastly erected the new information boards.

Please make yourself a picture and spend a few beautiful hours with us.

download Info-flyer

Leinschlag Biberweg US [8.923 KB]

road map